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Welcome to Good Births, where we believe that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural, healthy phases of a woman’s life.

Our Doula Services

Nurturing mothers through their labors, births, and the postpartum period.


Childbirth Education

The information, confidence, and support you need to have your best birth experience.


Our goal is to ensure that expectant parents have the information, confidence, and support they need to have their best birth experience.


“Babies are such a nice way to start people.”

— Don Herold

We provide evidence-based childbirth education to help you make the decisions that are right for you and your baby, and we provide nurturing birth doula support to assist you in achieving a good birth.

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We give you the skills you need to meet the challenges of labor and birth, and also give you the resources and guidance needed to make the decisions that are best for you and your baby – during pregnancy, birth and as you continue your journey into parenthood…

I am Tracy Good. I am a wife and a mother.

I am also an advocate for mothers and babies. For me that means that I believe mothers should have complete, evidence-based information about their care and the care of their babies during labor and birth and that they have the right to make the final decisions about that care.  I also believe mothers should have continuous support throughout labor. And I am not a fan of the adage “doctor knows best.” I prefer “mother knows best” – especially for herself and baby!  Read More…

Tracy Good

Doula - Childbirth Educator, Good Births


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We had so much fun taking Tracy’s childbirth classes. The atmosphere was very positive and relaxing and we would highly recommend Tracy to everyone looking to learn more about what to expect during pregnancy and the birthing experience.” Jennifer Alden and Paige Manley

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Working with Tracy was one of the best decisions we made to help us have a successful VBAC and birthing experience!  Not only were her classes informative, engaging, and fun, but we felt far more prepared having our second child than after attending a 1 day hospital class with our firstborn.” -Lauren Mueller

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