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Why should I take Lamaze and not another class?

There are a lot of other options out there, so you need to decide what is important to you.  Do you want to learn what the hospital policies and procedures are?  If so, then a hospital class should be fine.  But if you want to learn what research says is the safest, easiest way to birth your baby and you want to learn a variety of relaxation and comfort measures, then you should consider Lamaze.  Lamaze is based on the Six Healthy Birth Practices  which are research-based suggestions that will help you have a safer and easier birth.  And unlike some other “methods” which may try to teach you only one way of coping with labor, Lamaze gives you many tools and strategies for having a more comfortable labor and birth.


But I want my husband to coach me through labor.


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Most mothers want their husbands or partners to be involved in the births of their babies.  And most husbands or partners want to be involved in some way; however, their levels of comfort can differ greatly.  And this is completely understandable.  Most husbands and partners have not had any experience with labor and birth.  In fact, asking a husband to “coach” his wife through something he’s never seen or experienced is kind of like asking him to coach the Super Bowl when he’s never seen a football game.  But mothers still want them involved, and that’s why Lamaze classes set out first to teach everyone involved about the process of labor and birth, then Lamaze gives husbands and partners some very concrete things that they can do to help mothers through their labors, including comforting touch, position changes, and the right things to say.  And Lamaze also gives them ways to be involved without having to see things they don’t want to see.  This way, Lamaze helps husbands and partners be as involved in the births as they are comfortable being.


Why do I need Lamaze if I’m having an epidural?

Good question!  Actually, there are lots of good reasons to take a Lamaze class if you are having an epidural.  In Lamaze class, you will learn about the process of labor and birth, benefits and risks of medical procedures, postpartum care, newborn care, and infant feeding. You will also learn about the epidural placement, benefits and risks of the epidural, and how to deal with some of the potential side effects.  And, perhaps most importantly, you will learn relaxation and comfort measures, because many mothers don’t realize that they will need to cope with several hours of labor before they arrive at the hospital and are able to receive the epidural.  Additionally, sometimes the epidural doesn’t work the way we expect and there may still be areas of pain or incomplete relief, so mothers may still need coping techniques.  So, as you can see, Lamaze offers many benefits to mothers who plan to utilize pain medication and epidurals during labor.


At what point during pregnancy should I take Lamaze classes?


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Ideally, you will want to take a class that is close enough to the end of your pregnancy so that you will not forget what you have learned but not so close that you risk having an early birth before the class series is completed.  So it is usually suggested that you start the class sometime late in your 2nd trimester or early in your 3rd trimester.  But it is best to finish classes at least by about 36-37 weeks.


What should I wear to Lamaze classes?

Most Lamaze classes will involve some type of relaxation exercise or practice of comfort techniques, so it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move easily.


What should I bring to Lamaze class?

Pillows!  Yes, we really will use pillows for relaxation exercises and comfort measure practices.  Additionally, in some class locations, we sit on the floor with bolsters and blankets, and you’ll want your pillows to sit more comfortably.  Most locations are also “shoe free,” so socks are usually a plus.


I can’t come to all the classes in a 6-week series – what should I do?

If you can’t come to all of the classes in a 6-week series, you might want to consider a weekend intensive or private classes.  Check the schedule for weekend intensives or email or call 615-969-9328 to discuss your needs for private classes.


What if I have more questions?

Email or call 615-969-9328, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


How do I sign up?

Check the schedule for weekend intensives, Register for a 6-week series, or email or call 615-969-9328 to discuss your needs for private classes

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