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There are myths still floating around about Lamaze childbirth education classes, but let us assure you this is not your ma’s Lamaze!

Today’s Lamaze is about helping expectant parents get the information they need to become confident and ready to meet their babies.

Lamaze childbirth education does this by first introducing new parents to the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices.  These research-based recommendations were developed by Lamaze with the assistance of the World Health Organization, and they have been shown to improve birth for mothers and babies.


Tracy (left) works with a Mother in a Nashville Lamaze Class

All Good Births childbirth education classes start with the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices as their foundation.  Parents will then learn how to gather information and make decisions about the best care for themselves and their babies.  And, of course, time will be spent on teaching relaxation and skills to help moms stay as comfortable as possible during labor and birth. Topics you can expect to be covered in a Good Births Lamaze class series include:

  • Maintaining a healthy third trimester
  • Normal process of labor and birth
  • Common medical procedures and their risks and benefits
  • Decisions-making tools and skills for birth (and parenting!)
  • Relaxation and comfort techniques
  • Postpartum care and concerns
  • Infant feeding
  • Newborn care and soothing

Working with Tracy was one of the best decisions we made to help us have a successful VBAC and birthing experience!  Not only were her classes informative, engaging, and fun, but we felt far more prepared having our second child than after attending a 1 day hospital class with our firstborn. “- Lauren Mueller

The information in classes will be presented in a variety of ways, including lecture, videos, class discussion, small group activities, labor skills practice, and other activities. At Good Births, our goal is not only to give you the skills you need to meet the challenges of labor and birth, but we also want to give you resources for getting the information you need to make the decisions that are best for you and your baby – during pregnancy, birth, and as you continue your journey into parenthood.

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