Below are some kind words from my wonderful clients.

…in one word, amazing!

My family has gotten to know [Tracy] pretty well in the last 5 years since the birth of my first child. I always recommend her to friends and family and you will not be disappointed should you choose her services as well. Thank you Tracy, for making the most unforgettable memories I will ever have even better. We could not have done it without you. God bless you! 🙂


Jessica Davis

We had so much fun taking Tracy’s childbirth classes. The atmosphere was very positive and relaxing and we would highly recommend Tracy to everyone looking to learn more about what to expect during pregnancy and the birthing experience.

paige jen babies

Jennifer Alden and Paige Manley

Working with Tracy was one of the best decisions we made to help us have a successful VBAC and birthing experience!  Not only were her classes informative, engaging, and fun, but we felt far more prepared having our second child than after attending a 1 day hospital class with our firstborn.  As a doula, Tracy served as an invaluable part of our team.  She spelled my husband when he was tired and kept an ever watchful eye on me, assisting me and supporting me in all of the right ways.

Lauren Mueller

Lauren Mueller

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More Testimonials

As first time parents-to-be, we were so glad that we took advantage of Tracy’s childbirth education and doula services. We were hoping not to use pain medication but not necessarily expecting to succeed. Tracy never pressured us one way or the other, and her classes helped us mentally prepare for labor. We did it – we used only nitrous oxide gas during the final stages of labor as we had hoped – and Tracy was instrumental to our success.

My labor started about a week before the birth and all the pain was in my back. I had several sleepless nights and a lot of anxiety.  Tracy was on call for us the entire time – reachable anytime by phone or text. She visited our house twice that week to try to help us advance labor and to talk to us about options for dealing with the pain and lack of sleep. We didn’t know anyone who had been through a similar experience and it was invaluable to know she was there for us.

In the end, she dropped everything and came over late on a Friday night, confirmed it was finally time, came with us to the hospital and stayed by the bedside until a couple of hours after our baby was born the following morning. She was a very comforting presence and helped in so many ways – rubbing and applying pressure to my back during my contractions for hours, coaching my husband to do the same, helping us decide when to begin the nitrous oxide, and staying through the golden hour and helping us with our first breastfeeding experience, to name a few.

At least twice she helped to advocate for us (successfully!) when things started to deviate from our birth plan. Our experience at the hospital was perfect and I have clear memories of my son’s birth to cherish all my life, thanks in no small part to Tracy’s assistance.

As my husband can attest, it takes an incredible amount of energy to provide active support to someone laboring without medication, and I can’t remember Tracy taking a break for the 10 or so hours that she was with us that night.  We only found out after the fact that she had a class to teach later that day – she was tireless and amazingly present the entire time.

Recent Client

Thank you for being there and supporting us during my long and eventful childbirth process. 

Having your help and encouragement was an amazing gift to our family.  You really went above and beyond to stay with us in the hospital for nearly three days!  When I was so afraid during pregnancy and childbirth your positive and caring manner always gave me confidence that I could do it.

You are an extraordinary doula and a wonderful human being.

Thank you!!



Sahar Kohanim